Yaroslavl – Moscow oil pipeline reaches target pumping volume upon completion of extension project

Date of publication: 30 March 2018 Print

Since December 2017, when the works to increase the delivery capacity of the Yaroslavl – Moscow oil trunk pipeline (OTP) were completed, Transneft Upper Volga has pumped 3 million tonnes of oil to Moscow Refinery.

Thus, the Yaroslavl – Moscow oil trunk pipeline reached the target values of oil pumping to Moscow Region after the extension project was completed.

The work was performed under the investment project for increasing the volume of petroleum product deliveries to Moscow Region.

The project completion enabled the increase in the throughput capacity of the Yaroslavl-Moscow oil pipeline from 9 to 12 MTPA.

At the same time, the Ryazan – Moscow oil trunk pipeline (that had previously been delivering oil to Moscow Refinery) was switched to transportation of motor petrol, which required to make up for the lost volume of oil deliveries to Moscow Refinery via the Yaroslavl – Moscow OTP.

In December 2017, Lobkovo oil pumping station (PS) was commissioned in Alexandrov District of Vladimir Region to ensure uninterrupted pumping of the planned crude oil volumes to Moscow Refinery, which resulted in an increase in the throughput capacity of the Yaroslavl – Moscow pipeline.

Transneft Upper Volga Press Service