Transneft Upper Volga starts filling the Gorky – Novki trunk pipeline with oil

Date of publication: 10 April 2018 Print

Transneft Upper Volga has started filling with oil the linear portion of the Gorky – Novki oil trunk pipeline that has been switched from diesel to oil.

The work is performed as part of the finishing stages of the Sever-25 project “Conversion of the Gorky – Yaroslavl OTP to pumping of petroleum products. Conversion of the Gorky – Novki PPTP, the Starolikeyevo – Vtorovo section, to pumping of oil.” The final goal is to increase diesel deliveries to the port of Primorsk to 25 MTPA for subsequent exports (the Sever-25 project). The technical capabilities of the oil trunk pipeline system enable deliveries of at least 50 MTPA of oil to the port of Primorsk.

The programme on conversion of the Gorky – Novki pipeline to pumping of oil envisages filling the process pipelines at Starolikeyevo line operation dispatcher station (Starolikeyevo LODS) as well as Stepankovo and Vtorovo pumping stations, with oil.

Hydraulic testing of the Gorky – Novki pipeline has been finished by now. Besides, the Company has replaced an underwater crossing in the Oka river to enhance reliability and ensure uninterrupted oil transportation via the oil trunk pipeline system of Transneft.

The next stage of implementing the Sever-25 investment project envisages filling the linear portion in the Vtorovo – Yaroslavl oil pipeline (from 0 to 217 km) with oil, which includes oil filling of process pipelines at Zalesye oil pumping station.

The oil filling of the Gorky – Novki oil trunk pipeline (Vtorovo – Yaroslavl section), Starolikeyevo LODS, Stepankovo, Vtorovo and Zalesye pumping stations (the Starolikeyevo LODS — Yaroslavl LODS process section) is expected to be completed in mid-April. The throughput capacity of the Starolikeyevo LODS — Yaroslavl LODS process section will reach 9.1 MTPA.

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Transneft Upper Volga has been implementing measures to increase diesel supplies via the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) towards the specialised sea oil port of Primorsk within the framework of the Sever investment project. The work on filling the Gorky – Yaroslavl petroleum product trunk pipeline (PPTP) with diesel were completed in November 2017. Revamping the mainline oil pumping stations (PSs) previously used solely in oil transportation is a prerequisite for increasing diesel deliveries for exports.

Transneft Upper Volga Press Service