Transneft Upper Volga Opens New Firehouse at Ryazan Oil Pumping Station

Date of publication: 05 October 2018 Print

Transneft Upper Volga has held a solemn opening ceremony at a new fire department building of Ryazan oil pumping station.

The modern fire station building was constructed within a cooperation agreement between Transneft and the government of Ryazan Region.

Nikolay Lyubimov, Governor of Ryazan Region, Yury Levin, Director General of Transneft Upper Volga and Sergey Filippov, Major General of Internal Service, Head of the Ryazan Region Directorate of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations, took part in the opening ceremony.

During the opening ceremony, Yury Levin presented representatives of the Ryazan Region Directorate of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations with the fire department building’s passport (specification booklet) and the keys to a new ATs-100 tank vehicle that has a KAMAZ chassis.

The new fire station is a unique facility within the fire protection system of Ryazan Region. It was constructed over a period of a year at the expense of Transneft Upper Volga. The firehouse is equipped with all necessary special vehicles and modern equipment, and it also includes a recreation room and a gym.

Ryazan oil pumping station is an important element of the supply chain providing oil to the Ryazan refinery as well as the one supplying aviation fuel to Volodarskaya line operation dispatcher station, and then to the Moscow airports through the Moscow ring petroleum products pipeline.

The commissioning of the new firehouse will improve the reliability and strengthen the fire safety of Transneft Upper Volga’s facilities, industrial enterprises and nearby settlements of Ryazan Region. 

Transneft Upper Volga Press Service