Transneft Upper Volga Draws Preliminary Results of Environmental Safety Activities in 2018

Date of publication: 12 December 2018

Transneft Upper Volga has drawn preliminary results of its environmental safety activities performed in 2018.

During the year, the Company has allocated over RUB 30 million for implementation of environmental measures. The key activity areas included purchase of equipment for containment and elimination of emergency oil and petroleum products spills, along with holding environmental campaigns.

In 2018, a package of environmental measures aimed at artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources has been completed. More than 1,320,000 young sterlet, silver carp and wild carp fishes were released to Gorky and Cheboksary Reservoirs in Ivanovo and Nizhny Novgorod Regions as well as to the Oka and Vyatka Rivers in Vladimir and Kirov Regions.

Throughout August and September 2018, professional ornithologists, aided by Transneft Upper Volga, installed 87 artificial nesting spots in order to improve nesting conditions, restore destroyed nesting areas and increase the headcount of rare bird species. The nesting spots were fixed on trees appropriate in view of their size and location for such birds of prey as fish hawks as well as for rare owl species such as the great grey owl, the boreal owl, the Ural owl and the tawny owl. Every year these birds return to their nesting sites and use one and the same nest year after year.

Web cameras are planned to be installed on the platforms used as nesting spots in 2019 for long-term monitoring.

For several years, the Company has been rendering financial support to the programme of restoration of the European bison population in Vladimir Region being implemented by the Meshera National Park in the Muromskiy federal natural reserve. Over the last years, the number of bisons has grown from 36 in 2012 to 87 in 2018, and a stable population has thus been established, allowing for dispersion of young stock to new lands.

Transneft Upper Volga pays a lot of attention to environmental safety, compliance with environmental laws and regulations and development of a responsible attitude towards nature. High environmental safety standards are a must for implementation and functioning of all Transneft Upper Volga’s infrastructure projects.

Transneft Upper Volga Press Service