Transneft Upper Volga Begins Loading Petrol Tankers at Volodarskaya LODS in Moscow Region

Date of publication: 30 January 2019 Print

Transneft Upper Volga began loading petrol tankers at Volodarskaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS) in Moscow Region after completing revamping of its automated system for petroleum products loading.

On 28 January 2019, the first four petrol tankers were loaded at the automated loading system (ALS) of Volodarskaya LODS, the volume of shipment amounted to 63 tonnes of diesel fuel. This February, it is planned to ship more than 40 thousand tonnes of petroleum products.

Revamping of Volodarskaya LODS’s ALS was held from 1 August to 25 December 2018. The works were performed under Transneft`s investment project “Revamping of the Trunk Pipeline System to Boost the Volumes of Petroleum Products Transportation to Moscow Region”. The project envisages the development of the Ring Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline around Moscow and the Moscow Aviation Hub in order to increase the volume of petroleum products transported and loaded for consumers of the capital region.

The large-scale revamping of Volodarskaya LODS began in 2016. During the revamping, the main cycle of construction and installation for the repair shop as well as for the warehouse storing inventory and fuel and lubricants was completed. Three fire water tanks were installed (two tanks of 5,000 m3 each and one tank of 2,000 m3), construction of the control room and the fire-fighting pumping station was completed.

Hydraulic tests of a new pipeline clean-up and inspection gadget trap were carried out at the station, the mainline pump house responsible for simultaneous pumping of petrol, diesel fuel and aircraft fuel along the Ring Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline around Moscow was installed.

Completion of the set of measures for the revamping of Volodarskaya LODS is scheduled for late 2019.

Transneft Upper Volga Press Service