Transneft Upper Volga Installs Booms at RPPTP’s Underwater Crossing of Moscow Canal

Date of publication: 06 May 2019

Transneft Upper Volga has completed the installation of fixed booms in the Moscow Canal bed where the Ring Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline (RPPTP) going around Moscow has an underwater crossing. 

The works tool place at the 132nd kilometre of RPPTP’s eastern semi-ring (Pestovskoe reservoir) in Mytishchinsky District of Moscow Region. Double-line 100 m long booms were installed, along with shoreline protection booms. Furthermore, a control station was installed, with premises for on-duty personnel.

The fixed booms were installed as an additional environmental protection measure around RPPTP’s underwater crossing in order to prevent negative environmental impact of possible emergency situations.

The Ring Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline is a complex system of facilities designated for transportation and distribution of petroleum products (petrol, kerosene, diesel fuel) in Moscow and Moscow Region.

The set of measures was implemented in accordance with Transneft’s technical upgrading programme. The purpose of the works was to increase reliability and ensure uninterrupted petroleum products transportation via Transneft’s petroleum products trunk pipeline system.