Transneft Upper Volga Ensuring Reliable Operation of Oil Pipeline Facilities in Hot Weather Conditions

Date of publication: 07 June 2019 Print

Transneft Upper Volga is continuously monitoring fire safety of oil pipeline facilities during hot weather in all regions of its operation.

According to meteorologists, hot and arid weather will continue in the coming days in the central part of Russia. Transneft Upper Volga has taken relevant precautions and prepared operating facilities for the fire hazardous period. In order to prevent technological violations, a set of technical and organsational measures was implemented to prepare and ensure reliable operation of equipment during the period of high air temperature.

In addition, operability of fire water supply networks, hydrants and fire protection automation systems was checked at all Transneft Upper Volga’s facilities. Emergency engineering inspections of protected zones of oil and petroleum products pipelines’ routes are being carried out in fire-dangerous areas. Increased attention is paid to ensuring fire safety of power equipment, warehouse complexes, auxiliary and service buildings and structures.

In order to increase the efficiency of interaction, as well as to ensure quick response to possible abnormal situations, joint trainings of the personnel of Transneft Upper Volga and the territorial divisions of the EMERCOM of Russia were held.

Transneft Upper Volga draws attention to the need to observe the rules of conduct near facilities of the oil pipeline complex and reminds that it is strictly forbidden to burn dry grass, dead wood, cut trees and bushes, make fires, throw burning matches and cigarette ends, arrange parking lots, store materials, equipment, arrange landfills as well as saw and cut down trees.

Transneft Upper Volga Press Service