Construction and Installation Works during Volodarskaya LODS’ Revamping Completed

Date of publication: 11 June 2019 Print

The main construction and installation works within the first two phases of comprehensive revamping of Volodarskaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS) in Moscow Region have been completed.

Transneft PCD is the technical customer, while Transneft Upper Volga is the investor.

In addition to that, scheduled operations within the revamping of Solnechnogorsk loading station (LS) have been going on since April 2019 for the purpose of development of the fuel and energy infrastructure in the Moscow region. The functioning of the tank vehicle loading station is suspended for the period from April to August 2019. Nagornaya automated loading station (LS) will be out of service from June 25 to late August.

In particular, revamping of the technical security equipment complex and construction of administration and amenity buildings are planned. Comprehensive revamping of both stations was finished last year.

Loading of fuel at Volodarskaya LODS will be going on as scheduled while the work is being performed.

The scheduled work to be carried out at the loading stations will not affect consumers in the Moscow region, as all the fuel received from supply companies is to be loaded in full, no matter how many loading stations are operating at a certain moment. Thus, a chance for fuel deficiency is out of the question. Moreover, the work at loading stations is being performed proactively, to contribute to the development of the fuel and energy infrastructure, including the capacity of the Moscow and the Ryazan refineries.

5 diesel fuel storage tanks and an aviation kerosene storage tank were built during the construction and installation at Volodarskaya LODS. Furthermore, an open-type mainline pumping station, a fire extinguishing pumping station, fire water tanks, two PIG traps and a tank vehicle loading station were renovated, more than 24 kilometres of process pipelines were laid, and more than 37 kilometres of utility networks were installed. 

The works are being performed at Volodarskaya LODS under Transneft`s investment programme, Revamping the System of Trunk Pipelines for Increasing Petroleum Products Transportation to the Moscow Area; the 3rd and the 4th phases of revamping are scheduled to be completed in Q3 2019. Currently, revamping of the fencing, the technical security equipment complex and the guards’ premises with a communications centre is in progress. Construction of buildings and structures of the firehouse and the operational facilities is going on. Seasonal operations are arranged.

Transneft Upper Volga Press Service