Transneft Upper Volga Prepares Operating Facilities for Autumn and Winter

Date of publication: 10 September 2019

Transneft Upper Volga has prepared its operating facilities for the autumn and winter period in 2019-2020.

The Company began taking measures to prepare the pipeline system for reliable and uninterrupted operation under the conditions of increased load during the cold season in advance. For five months, from April to August of the current year, the preparation of both main and auxiliary equipment of oil and petroleum products pipeline transportation sites and communications facilities was conducted. The operation of line telemechanics systems was checked, the insulation of operational, as well as administrative and amenity facilities was conducted, and the high readiness of technical equipment and personnel of specialised business units for emergency response was ensured.

35 boiler houses, as well as 57 emergency diesel power plants were prepared for operating in the autumn/winter period. Over 6.8 thousand metres of heating networks were repaired and replaced, as well as over 2,033 kilometres of power lines were inspected.

At the trunk pipelines, 1,378 stop valves were seasonally inspected for complete opening and closing, and so were 3,114 stop valves of the process pipelines. 24 automatic fire-extinguishing systems were tested. The warning signs in the areas where pipelines cross roads and railways were inspected. 112 tanks were prepared for operation in the autumn and winter period, and dead-end and non-flowing sections and valves were washed with oil.

A passport of readiness of all operating structures and facilities of the trunk pipelines, LODS and OPS of Transneft Upper Volga for reliable operation during the autumn and winter periods was confirmed and presented to Transneft.

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