Transneft Upper Volga Sums Up Results of Countering Illegal Tappings and Theft of Fuel from Pipelines in 2019

Date of publication: 15 January 2020

Transneft Upper Volga has summed up the results of work carried out in 2019 in the field of countering illegal tappings and cases of fuel theft from trunk pipelines.

Over the year, Transneft Upper Volga discovered in its area of operations (14 constituent entities of the Russian Federation) 95 illegal tappings into oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines. On suspicion of committing criminal offenses, 38 offenders were detained, against whom criminal cases were prosecuted by the internal affairs agencies.

To date, the materials of 8 criminal cases against 16 defendants have been sent to the courts. Seven guilty verdicts have been announced with prosecution of 16 convicts, including 6 convicts receiving real jail sentences.

In cooperation with the law enforcement agencies, Transneft Upper Volga is regularly taking a set of measures to prevent, reveal and terminate oil and petroleum products stealing via illegal tappings in trunk pipelines. Such criminal activity causes huge damage to the development of oil transportation industry in terms of ensuring reliable and uninterrupted transportation of oil and petroleum products to consumers. The stealing increases the probability of fuel release with consequent environmental pollution.