Transneft Upper Volga Completes Technological Connection of Yaroslavl – Moscow Oil Trunk Pipeline Section

Date of publication: 22 May 2020

Transneft Upper Volga has completed technological connection of the newly constructed section as part of the Yaroslavl – Moscow oil trunk pipeline (OTP) reconstruction.

The works were carried out around the clock during the scheduled 72-hour shutdown of oil transportation on the territory of Noginsky and Shchyolkovsky Districts of Moscow Region.

The revamping of the OTP section began in September 2018. A planned replacement of 16.5 km of the pipeline was carried out, 2 new stop valve units were equipped, 11 artificial protective facilities were installed. 109 crossings with utility lines were performed. Crossings through 7 roads and 2 railways, as well as 6 crossings over water barriers were arranged. Hydraulic testing and in-line inspection were carried out in the new section of the oil pipeline.

A set of planned works at the Yaroslavl – Moscow oil trunk pipeline was performed in accordance with the Technical Upgrading, Revamping and Overhaul Programme for Transneft facilities. The goal is to increase reliability and ensure uninterrupted oil transportation through the system of oil trunk pipelines.  

Oil transportation was resumed in accordance with the schedule and is conducted under the normal protocol.