Transneftemash Factory of Velikiye Luki Masters New Products Types Manufacture in 2020

Date of publication: 15 December 2020

Transneftemash Factory of Velikiye Luki, a branch of Transneft Upper Volga, mastered the new products manufacture in 2020.

The factory’s key activity is manufacture of special purpose products and equipment for overhauling, revamping and constructing oil and petroleum products pipelines, and supply of such products and equipment to Transneft subsidiaries.

This year, research and development (R&D) projects in the field of modernisation of automatic dosing units for foaming agents were successfully carried out. The units are applied on firefighting tank vehicles used to ensure safety of Transneft subsidiaries’ facilities. Operation of the new units will increase reliability and environmental friendliness of the firefighting vehicles, as well as reduce spending by using water instead of the foaming agent during emergency response drills. The start of batch production of the automatic dosing units for foaming agents is scheduled for 2021.

In addition, the foaming agents manufacture with reduced working pressure, resistant to shockwaves, was launched at Transneftemash site. The products developed as part of the R&D are characterised by increased explosion stability of their structure and improved resistance to high temperatures. More than 300 products are planned to be manufactured in 2021.

The plant also mastered special insulating machines manufacture, designed for manual insulation of pipelines. This equipment provides simultaneous application of a three-layer tape insulation system. A total of 40 units of devices were produced. In addition, production of shelter-type control and monitoring stations (STCMSs), designed for control and monitoring trunk pipelines’ telemetry facilities, was launched. More than 60 shelter-type stations were produced this year.

This year, as part of the import substitution programme, Transneftemash Factory of Velikiye Luki, together with Transneft R&D and the Industrial Automation Centre of Transneft Upper Volga, continued development of burner units with characteristics that are not inferior to foreign analogues. The devices will be used within block boiler houses. Completion of the R&D is scheduled for 2022, after which the plant will start producing burner units for use at Transneft subsidiaries’ facilities, completely eliminating the need to import this type of product.

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Transneftemash Factory of Velikiye Luki deals with development, production and maintenance of specialised products for construction, operation and repair of trunk pipeline facilities. The plant produces more than 2.7 thousand product items supplied to Transneft subsidiaries’ facilities and third-party companies.

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