Transneft Upper Volga Commissions Emergency Control Automation System for Petroleum Products Pipeline in Moscow Region

Date of publication: 07 September 2021

Transneft Upper Volga has completed work on equipping the Ring Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline (RPPTP) around Moscow, which has offshoots to airports, the Gorky – Ryazan 2 and Ryazan – Moscow petroleum products pipelines (PPP) with a centralised emergency control automation system. The new system also equips the supply PPPs from the Moscow Refinery to the Volodarskaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS).

The works were launched in accordance with the Integrated Technical Upgrading, Revamping and Overhaul Programme for Transneft facilities in October 2017.

The Centralised Emergency Control Automation System software and hardware complex is designed to protect and automatically shut down PPPs in Moscow Region along their entire length in the event of emergencies.

The domestically produced complex is an information technology system operating at the control centres. The system provides comprehensive automatic protection of PPPs against the risks of unauthorised closure of petroleum products trunk pipelines by stop valves, excessive pressure in pipelines, and will also minimise the consequences of PPPs leakage.

The new equipment was installed and set up at the Volodarskaya and Nizhny Novgorod control centres, pilot operation and acceptance testing were successfully completed. Based on the results of a comprehensive trial, the system has been put into commercial operation.

The introduction of the centralised emergency control automation system for the petroleum products trunk pipelines of Moscow Region has improved safety and reduced the likelihood of emergencies and accidents at trunk pipelines.

The commissioning of the system is part of the modernisation of the company's line facilities. The goal is to increase the level of security, as well as to ensure uninterrupted petroleum products transportation through Transneft’s petroleum products trunk pipeline system.

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